Get a free IT e-book from PACKT Publishing

Free IT e-books from Packt Publishing! Under this address you will be able to find a free e-book every day until the 13th of June. So far I have downloaded following books:

  • Java Script Unit Testing,
  • jQuery UI Cookbook,
  • CoffeScript Application Development,
  • Developing AR Games for iOS and Android,
  • HTML5 Games Development by Example – Beginner’s Guide.

But there were and there will be many many more!

Retrieve pictures from Google Search engine using jQuery


I started working on an application for storing information about books I own and I figured out it would be great to have a page where all books would be represented by their covers. I reckon that in general having covers would greatly improve the look & feel of the website. My first idea was to simply allow users to load covers’ images from disk. As much as it did satisfy the general problem, the solution was far from neat. I could not help but see this as a big burden to the end users. So I figured out, let’s do it for them. Let’s find covers from the internet and let them choose which one they would like to use.

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