Ignore default list of beans created/used by @Autowired


You define a group of beans of certain type in Spring and at the same time you want to define a custom list of these beans. However when using @Autowired to inject this list you end up with the default implementation of the list provided by @Autowired .
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Java testing with Spock – Book Review

Earlier this year I was asked to evaluate a book concept about Spock framework. Taking into account that I am a big fan of this library I was extremely happy to see that measures were taken to create a book focused on this particular topic. Hopefully the book will boost even further the popularity of Spock. As always high interest of a product is the best motivation for its authors to continue its development. Few months later, I am given a possibility to read the early edition of this book and as well was asked for a review.

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Get a free IT e-book from PACKT Publishing

Free IT e-books from Packt Publishing! Under this address you will be able to find a free e-book every day until the 13th of June. So far I have downloaded following books:

  • Java Script Unit Testing,
  • jQuery UI Cookbook,
  • CoffeScript Application Development,
  • Developing AR Games for iOS and Android,
  • HTML5 Games Development by Example – Beginner’s Guide.

But there were and there will be many many more!

Spock Testing – Spock tutorial

What is Spock?

Spock is a unit testing framework that in great extent utilizes Groovy’s syntax making your tests comprehensible and easy on the eyes. Although it is a Groovy technology you can use it to test your Java classes as well. What is the most important is that Spock makes writing tests fun. And I really mean it.

Why Spock?

I have to admit that even knowing all the benefits of TDD and tests over all I considered writing them as little pain in the neck. How has that changed when I started using Spock?

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